I’ve moved

As much as I like the features and clean look of WordPress, I’m going back to Blogger, due to the ease of customizing the page.  Here is the link to my new page http://susanwildephotography.blogspot.com/


Texture Tuesday and the Color Orange.

This week’s theme for Kim Klassen’s Texture Tuesday is the color orange.  I thought of the many flowers in the yard that would be perfect for one of Kim’s textures, then remembered the photo I took on a recent trip.  After processing this with NIK’s software I added Kim’s summerlovin texture.


Ribstone – The Cemetery

The reason for the trip to Ribstone was to see the country where my husband’s family settled when they first came to Alberta in the early 1900’s.  We knew none of the old buildings would be left so we headed to the cemetery.

These are the gravestones of my husband’s great-grandparents.

The babies who would have been my husband’s Uncle and Aunt

World Photography Day

With August 19th being World Photography Day I thought I should go somewhere special to take a special photo.  I ended up at Broadmoor Lake in Sherwood Park, with the footbridges and flowers.  I knew I wanted a photo of one of the footbridges and this was the first stop.  This was process with Nik’s filter, Glamour Glow.

On my way out of the park I noticed this nice pot of red  Geraniums with the lake in the background

Happy in thinking I’d taken the shots I wanted, I started on my way home down the back roads.  While passing a small lake on the way home I noticed a group of white birds on the water close to the edge.  Thinking I had discovered a new species of ducks in the area I got as close to the water’s edge as possible and must have scared the “ducks” a little as they flew a little for me.  When arriving home, I found that my special ducks were Seagulls, so I thought a little bit of special PP was in order for these birds.