The Zinnia

One of the things I learnt while taking a photography course, is to photograph your subject from every angle, change lenses and photograph it again from every angle, change lenses and do it again.  With all the flowers in the garden it’s easy to take a photo, take a few steps, take another photo and keep moving.  Today I thought I would concentrate on one Zinnia in the garden.  This one keeps catching my eye because of the beautiful combination of reds and yellows.


The Little Things

The theme of this weeks Texture Tuesday is “the little things”.  The little things we do or someone does for us, the little things that usually go unnoticed or in this case, the little things that look for little things.  This little bee was so busy looking for pollen he didn’t even notice I was getting closer and closer.

Textures used were Kim Klassen’s Camomile, blend method – multiply @ 80%, then a layer of Kim Klassen’s Stainlinen blend method – softlight @ 40%.  Here’s the original without any textures.


Begonias and Texture Tuesday

The challenge for this week was “dreamy”.  My lensbaby was the perfect choice for a lens with a wide open aperature for the most blur.  Here’s the original:

This is the same photo with Kim Klassen’s texture Dream

And another view using one of my favorite textures, Kim Klassen’s Sweettart


Inside the Nasturtium

The challenge this week for Kim Klassen’s Texture Tuesday is to use the texture Aurora.  I’ve been finding that textures seem to work best with unsaturated, soft colors but this week my nasturtiums were begging to be photographed.  This photo uses two of Kim Klassen’s texture, the first texture used was Kim Klassen’s Canvasback, then a layer of Aurora.

After looking into the flower I did a little experimenting to make the center look a little more inviting to a bee and added a layer of Nik software’s Midnight.

With the rain still coming down outside, I thought I would try CS5’s Channel Mixer Black & White Infrared.


Pink rose in the rain.

The theme for this weeks texture is “Pink”.  I thought this would be an easy one, as I must have lots of pink flowers to work with..  But no, it seems that I don’t photograph pink.  This weekend we were on a garden tour and I found a beautiful rose in one of the gardens, so I had my “pink”.  The on and off showers during the day provided the drops on the petals.

The textures used on this one are Stained Linen and Sweetart.

Pink rose in the rain. by Rocketlily

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Lately I’ve discovered adding textures to photos and I admit I’m a little addicted.  It all started with finding Kim Klassen’s website where she showcases her beautiful photo’s and explains the textures she uses.  Each week she is gracious enough to share a new texture.  Tuesday’s are Texture Tuesday’s when others can link their photos following a theme or challenge.  For weeks now, I have watched as others have shared and I think the time has come to share as well.  This week’s challenge is the number 3 and I’ve used Kim Klassen’s Stained Linen texture.