The Road to Ribstone – Part II

A few miles past Wainwright we came upon a little gem on the prairies.  In a little valley was beautiful Clear Lake.  The lake was deserving of its name with water so clear you could see the ripples in the sand.

A special place to sit and enjoy the water

A special place to sit and take it all in


And fauna


The Road to Ribstone – Part I

Yesterday we decided to take a day trip to Ribstone, Alberta a place where my husband’s Great-grandparents settled in Alberta and the birthplace of his father.

First stop, shoe fence in Irma.

Resident at the Fabyan campground.

Horses at Clear Lake

World Photography Day

With August 19th being World Photography Day I thought I should go somewhere special to take a special photo.  I ended up at Broadmoor Lake in Sherwood Park, with the footbridges and flowers.  I knew I wanted a photo of one of the footbridges and this was the first stop.  This was process with Nik’s filter, Glamour Glow.

On my way out of the park I noticed this nice pot of red  Geraniums with the lake in the background

Happy in thinking I’d taken the shots I wanted, I started on my way home down the back roads.  While passing a small lake on the way home I noticed a group of white birds on the water close to the edge.  Thinking I had discovered a new species of ducks in the area I got as close to the water’s edge as possible and must have scared the “ducks” a little as they flew a little for me.  When arriving home, I found that my special ducks were Seagulls, so I thought a little bit of special PP was in order for these birds.

Calmar Mega Market and Fair

With camera and two lenses in hand, smoke in the air and rain in the forecast headed to Calmar for the annual parade, flea market, garage sales and Show & Shine.  The weather turned out to be decent and the smoke not too bad.  Did everything right, got there a little early to check out the area for power poles and annoying signs.  The parade started and snapped this one, a typical parade shot:

I then noticed a child in a stroller behind me and stepped aside so the little one could have a better view.  What I didn’t expect was the mom, grandpa and whole family to follow suit.  Changed my perspective for the rest of the parade.