World Photography Day

With August 19th being World Photography Day I thought I should go somewhere special to take a special photo.  I ended up at Broadmoor Lake in Sherwood Park, with the footbridges and flowers.  I knew I wanted a photo of one of the footbridges and this was the first stop.  This was process with Nik’s filter, Glamour Glow.

On my way out of the park I noticed this nice pot of red  Geraniums with the lake in the background

Happy in thinking I’d taken the shots I wanted, I started on my way home down the back roads.  While passing a small lake on the way home I noticed a group of white birds on the water close to the edge.  Thinking I had discovered a new species of ducks in the area I got as close to the water’s edge as possible and must have scared the “ducks” a little as they flew a little for me.  When arriving home, I found that my special ducks were Seagulls, so I thought a little bit of special PP was in order for these birds.