Lately I’ve discovered adding textures to photos and I admit I’m a little addicted.  It all started with finding Kim Klassen’s website http://www.kimklassencafe.com/ where she showcases her beautiful photo’s and explains the textures she uses.  Each week she is gracious enough to share a new texture.  Tuesday’s are Texture Tuesday’s when others can link their photos following a theme or challenge.  For weeks now, I have watched as others have shared and I think the time has come to share as well.  This week’s challenge is the number 3 and I’ve used Kim Klassen’s Stained Linen texture.


2 thoughts on “Textures

  1. I love your photo even though I’m not very fond of those ants! The texture looks really nice. I love the linen like pattern that it has and those shades of green are beautiful. I’m new to textures too and I’m having so much fun playing around with them! You might want to edit or redo your link at texture tuesday because it has an extra http in it.

  2. I downloaded a few of Kim’s textures but I haven’t done much with them yet. Was busy with the Route 66 trip and now planning a trip to the Palouse, Hell’s Canyon and ghost towns of Eastern Oregon. I like what you’ve done with textures on this photo.

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