Another Beautiful Day

Once again the day spent working in the yard, trimming back nasty rosebushes and invading hazelnuts. (Took an hour off to take pictures for the Fight Club on the Photo Forum) Long, long ago I had a passion for gardening and growing flowers and vegetables. The rule we had for the kids was that they were allowed to go into the garden and pick what they wanted to eat anytime, but the carrots had to be washed in the rainbarrel first. Eating dirt just didn’t seem to be right. As our lives got busier there wasn’t enough time for gardening. Not sure if there wasn’t time for weeding or the weeds started growing faster and the garden patch is now a field of weeds. My daughter has rekindled the urge in me to grow something from seed. Earlier this spring we both started too many seeds, some of them probably a little early as the Zinnas are already 18″ high.

This is my daughter back in 1984.

Something new for me this year is square foot gardening. Seems to be easier on the back and hopefully less weeds. Also using this oportunity to clean up an old flower bed beside the shed.

Beside the shed before the clean up.

Beside the shed after clean up and ready for square foot gardening.

The really interesting part of this new gardening venture is that I live on a piece of land that is 3.2 acres, or as the county calls it, 1 hectre more or less. That’s more than two times the size of a football field, including end zones, and I’m putting in a garden 3 feet by 18 feet.


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