Last Saturday in April

Since it’s the last Saturday in April and my taxes are not done, I told myself yesterday that I would not be allowed to touch my camera until the taxes were finished. Woke up early this morning, cleaned the kitchen and ready to do my taxes. The next thing I knew is that the truck was parked at Lakeview and I was getting out of it with a camera in my hand.


I thought that as long as I was there, I might as well take a few pictures of fences, trees, the fireplace and practise shooting crows.


The truck then took me down to Al Oeming’s where the buggies are starting to line up for the buggy sale next weekend.



Since I was out, I needed an “Industrial” picture we headed down to New Sarepta. Nothing industrial, but found another wagon.


The trip into New Sarepta turned out to be good practise for taking pictures of moving trains. I have always been fascinated by graffiti and today I got lucky.

Graffiti 1
Graffiti 2
Ended up at Joesph Lake where I finally found my pump jacks for an Industrial picture.

The Brothers Jack

Long morning. Returned home, downloaded all the photos and took a break in the side yard. Spring has finally arrived in our yard. The rhubarb is sprouting.

Rhubarb Sprout
Rhubarb Sprout2
Tomorrow I will do my taxes.
Tomorrow I will do my taxes.
Tomorrow I will do my taxes.

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