10 gal nano contest

I was informed tonight that I have won the best theme tank in the nano contest on www.canreef.com. Red Coral Aquariums in Calgary has sponsored the “Best Theme Tank” and I have won $100 gift certificate at their store. This is so exciting. Now I have to go to Calgary to spend the money on my fish tank. I’m also thinking a full day road trip with my camera. Can life get any better. Before I forget, I must thank my daughter for her hours of gluing little rocks together for me and doing the great job on aquascaping the tank. Without her help, it just wouldn’t have looked as good.


3 thoughts on “10 gal nano contest

  1. Effin’ rights it wouldn’t have.But I love you, and I’m glad you won.(You also forgot about my taking care of said tank while you were in the Dominican)Congratulations!

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