Water and Oil

A challenge on a Flickr group was to photograph oil floating on water. When the sun came out it was time to head for the deck with my used saltwater and a bottle of hydraulic oil. Just a note for anyone going to try this, if you put your oil in a used water bottle, don’t accidently mistake it for the water bottle. (More on that another day) It was the first time I had to use manual focusing with the macro lens and was a learning experience. The results even amazed me. There must be something to do with these photos instead of hiding them in a blog. Note: I cannot find a way to have Pictobrowser centre the pictures. If anyone should know a way to fix this, please let me know.


2 thoughts on “Water and Oil

  1. Macro lenses are grand! I actually prefer my macro filters over my macro lens – gets you in even tighter – CRAZY stuff to see!

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